Annual Physical Exams

Annual Physicals Performed by Dr. Kavita Rao in St. Petersburg, Florida

Preventative Screenings are Your Primary Defense System

Regular, annual physicals with preventative screenings are recommended as part of any wellness program. Your annual physical is akin to setting your home alarm. Just like the sensors in your home alarm system go off in warning to let you know something is wrong and needs quick attention, an annual physical with preventative screenings can catch many serious diseases and conditions early, while they are still treatable. This appointment also provides a set time for you and your Internist to discuss your total health condition and to address health concerns or risks that may be overlooked during other appointments.

The Case for Preventative Screenings by an Internist

An annual physical exam is a prime opportunity for addressing health risk factors, lifestyle issues, and performing preventative screenings. Your Internist is uniquely qualified to perform this service because they are concerned with treating the patient as a whole. Your Internist is not focused on simply one area of health or the body. Unlike “family doctors” which also treat children, Internists focus on the health concerns of adults. When you trust your Internist with your annual physical and preventative screening exam you get the added benefit of an exam by a medical professional has been trained to diagnose and treat complex medical conditions. Your Internist is your physician for life and can coordinate your total health care program whether you are seen in an office setting, a hospital, or long-term health care facility.

What to Expect from Annual Physical Exam

Your annual physical exam and preventative screening will be as unique as you. Depending on your age, gender, health history and family health history, Dr. Rao will perform an exam that is focused on disease prevention and screening for potential problems. Here’s what you can expect.

Overall History. Dr. Rao will go over your general medical history and ask about any changes since your last visit. Be sure to bring a list of all medications and supplements you are currently taking. Your vaccination status will be evaluated as well. During this part of the exam, Dr. Rao will also discuss issues such as your diet and exercise, your use of tobacco and alcohol, and your sexual health and activity. This is all necessary information for her to get a picture of your total health status.

Physical Exam. This part of the exam will consist of simple tests such as temperature, weight, respiration, blood pressure and heart rate. Dr Rao will listen to both your heart and lungs to detect signs of heart or lung disease. Your abdomen will be palpitated and she may listen to it with her stethoscope. Your extremities may be examined and a basic neurological exam will be performed.

Lab Exams. As part of your annual physical exam, preventative screenings may be performed on blood or urine samples. These lab exams may be complete blood counts, blood smears (for sickle cell or leukemia), screenings for anemia or cholesterol, or urinalysis. Laboratory preventative screening exams will depend on your family and personal health history as well as your age and gender.

Other Screenings Available

In addition to the annual physical exam for your own piece of mind, if your job requires you to have regular physicals or vaccinations we provide those services as well.

Take the time to make your health a priority. Why wait until you are a statistic? Contact our office today to schedule an appointment for your annual physical exam.