Medical Services

What is an Internist?

Dr. Rao is an “Internist” or Doctor of Internal Medicine which are specialists who apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness. This should not be confused with “Interns” who are doctors in their first year of study, being that Dr. Rao has years upon years of training, knowledge and involvement in the medical community under her belt.

Dr. Rao and every staff member is entirely dedicated to making your appointment, no matter if complex or simple, as comfortable and pleasurable as possible. Our staff members have years of dedicated experience in various fields of medicine and come from many different medical settings including backgrounds in medical offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

What Sets Us Apart

Our office prides itself on being unique in a critical aspect where the same physician providing medical care in the hospital, also cares for one in the outpatient setting. Having a single physician providing care for you in each respective setting improves continuity of care being the physician is much better acclimated with the patient than one who may only interact with the patient in a single setting. Coordination with consultant physicians and outpatient follow up is superior when choosing Gulf Coast Internist because of the continued care in the hospital and in the outpatient setting.

Potential Patients and Services

Our goal is to accommodate to our own best abilities anybody within the age of 18 to 110 years old. We accept almost every major insurance and will work diligently with the patient and insurance company in order to provide you with the proper care necessary. We also offer the most reasonable self-pay services in the St. Petersburg, FL area.

We offer normal primary care services that include normal scheduled visits in order to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Another important facet of our practice is our dedication to promote preventive screenings and annual physicals as another way to promote healthy lifestyles in all of our patients no matter what age or gender. We offer well woman exams which includes Pap smears and clinical breast examination, along with Skin biopsy if medically necessary and numerous other preventative measure to keep yourself healthy for years to come.

If your career requires you to receive scheduled physicals and vaccinations we are properly equipped to accommodate your needs. Found below is a comprehensive list of many of the services Gulf Coast Internist offers while offering numerous other services not listed. We would like to encourage if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please do not hesitate and call us at 727-525-0900 anytime or email us here.

Medical services:

Preventive screening
Annual physicals
Well woman exams including pap smears and clinical breast examination
Primary care services
Onsite blood draws
Urine dipstick
Vitamin B12 injections
Coumadin dosing with onsite PT/INR testing
EKG and interpretation
Skin Biopsy if Medically Necessary

Prices for Labs – Self Pay Patient

BMP $20.00
CBC $15.00
CMP $20.00
Free T4 Index $25.00
Glucose $15.00
Hemoglobin A1C $35.00
Hepatitis Panel $70.00
Iron $90.00
Lipid Panel $35.00
PSA $40.00
Potassium $45.00
PT INR $25.00
PTT $20.00
Stool Culture $15.00
T4 $20.00
TSH $35.00
Urine Culture $95.00
Urine Drug Screen $35.00
Uric Acid $15.00
PAP Smear $35.00
Flu Shot $25.00
EKG $40.00
Self Pay New Patient $100.00
Follow up visit $80.00