10 Sep

Three Surprising Ways Diabetes Affects Your Life

A diagnosis of diabetes is never something that someone wants to hear. Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it will affect many aspects of your life and for the rest of your life. There is no cure for diabetes, although it can sometimes be managed with just diet and exercise if you are careful and do not have severe fluctuations in blood sugar. Here are three ways diabetes will affect your life that you may not have considered.

Dining Out

When you want to dine out, it will be much more difficult than ever before. You will have to make sure that you are always monitoring how much sugar and carbs you are ingesting in order to control your blood sugar. It is not always easy to tell from a menu description if something has sugar in it or not. You may find yourself needing to ask more questions of the waiters and kitchen staff before being able to make a healthy decision when you go out to eat.


If you have to use insulin to control your diabetes, entertaining at home or out on the town can be slightly troublesome and embarrassing. You have to take your insulin before you eat even if you are out and about or have company over. This might mean that you have to either explain your condition to your guests or remove yourself from the group for a time to take care of business.

Lifestyle Changes

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, your first instinct is probably to think that you will need medication or insulin. Even if you do need these things, they will be most effective if you combine them with lasting lifestyle changes. Eating a healthier diet, managing your weight, and getting enough exercise have suddenly become much more important.

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