17 Mar

The Lowdown on Internists: Don’t All Doctors Treat What’s Inside?

‘What’s an internist’ is perhaps one of the most common questions that Dr Kavita Rao and her team get asked! Firstly, an internist is not to be confused with an ‘intern’. Unlike interns, who are trainee doctors in their first year of study, an internist has years of extensive training and knowledge.

Internist: What is it?

An internist, or internal medicine physician, is a specialist doctor, who uses both medical knowledge and clinical expertise to diagnose, treat and care for adults with a wide range of health conditions. Read More

03 Mar

Who Trained Your Doctor? The Importance of Board Certification

Most people, when searching for a doctor, know how important it is to find a practitioner who is licensed. However, the word ‘license’ is somewhat misleading. Just because a doctor holds a license doesn’t actually mean that they are necessarily qualified to practice certain medical specialties.

What does this mean exactly? It means, in its simplest terms, that when you visit a licensed doctor for surgery, medical assistance or any other form of treatment, the license itself doesn’t guarantee that they’ve had the right level of training to carry out the procedure to the highest standards. Read More