15 Apr

Your Annual Physical: Why It’s Important

Many people fail to get a physical each year. You may believe that there is no reason to go to the doctor if you are not ill, but preventative medicine can extend your life by several years or even decades. Preventative annual physicals are an important part of your self-care, and they should not be neglected. Here are some excellent reasons why your annual physical is important and you should schedule one today.

Early Diagnosis

Many health conditions are not severe for some time after they begin. With many health conditions and diseases, there are often no severe symptoms until the condition is well progressed. You may be experiencing some minor discomforts or nuisances that you may have dismissed that could be symptoms of a troubling condition. During an annual physical, your doctor will give you a complete examination and ask you questions about your lifestyle and symptoms. Often health conditions can be found early in this way, and they can be treated more effectively and quickly with early diagnosis.

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