20 Dec

Managing Your High Cholesterol

39043175 - cholesterol plaque in arteryYour cholesterol level probably isn’t something you think twice about until you become an adult, but it’s a critically important component of your overall health and can indicate your risk of serious illnesses like heart disease and heart attack. If you have your cholesterol checked only to find that it is considerably higher than it should be, you will need to begin cholesterol management with the help of your doctor. Here are some of the basics that can help you return your cholesterol to a safe level. Read More

10 Dec

Wondering Why You Need the Flu Shot?

flu-shotNow that winter has arrived in full force, you most likely hear advertisements from doctor’s offices and drug stores encouraging the flu shot. Have you already received your flu shot, or do you disregard the commercials and assume you are healthy enough without a vaccination? The truth is, the flu shot is an important component to overall public health, and by getting your flu shot you’re not just protecting yourself, but others as well. Read More