18 Aug

Do You Really Need a Flu Shot? Some Common Questions Answered

shotDr Kavita Rao, like many other medical professionals in the US, offers flu shots – and actively recommends that people have one. However, flu shots are often shrouded in mystery; with the most common question being ‘do you really need one?’ Here’s the answer to that question, plus a few other misunderstandings cleared up along the way!

The Most Commonly Asked Questions about Flu Shots Read More

04 Aug

Being Breast Aware – The Importance of Regular Breast Examinations

gynecologyBreast cancer, along with skin cancer, is the most common form of the disease in the US. Each year, there are approximately 231, 840 new cases of breast cancer in this country alone, and 40,290 deaths caused by the condition.

Regrettably, many of those deaths could have been prevented, had the woman in question been more aware of abnormalities occurring in her breasts. This is why being breast aware is so important. Read More