20 Jun

The Keys to Battling Depression

11685180 - sad mature woman on bed with her husband in the background

Thanks largely to social media, we now live in a society where a large portion of our time is spent scrolling through the accomplishments of others and feeling jealousy over the lives that we deem better than our own. Job- and money-related stress and anxiety is now more prevalent than ever before as we try to juggle the demands of family, work, friends, and self together in an increasingly fast-paced world. Given all of this, it’s no wonder that depression has become so much more prevalent. Read More

10 Jun

Getting Older Doesn’t Have to Mean Becoming Weaker

exercise heartThe body’s muscles play a vital role in health and wellness, and until the age of 30 they continue to grow longer and stronger. However, as you approach the big 4-0, your muscles will slowly but surely lose some of their mass and function. This occurs at an accelerated rate if you are inactive, but can still impact you if you’re physically fit. It’s an age-related trend called sarcopenia, but fortunately it can be prevented and minimized with certain exercise and diet choices. Read More