25 Jun

How to Effectively Manage Your Diabetes

diabetes therapyWhen you’ve been diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, it’s incredibly important to not only consider short-term treatment, but long-term management. Your internist will work with you to develop a comprehensive care plan, which will help to ensure you remain in optimum health.

Understanding Your Condition

The best way to manage your diabetes is to understand the nature of your condition. Your internist will provide you with relevant information; and there are also other steps you can take to familiarize yourself with it. Local support groups are a great place to start, as are informative classes and online forums. Read More

11 Jun

The Importance of Having an Annual Well Woman Examination

gynecologyWhen you’re outwardly displaying signs of illness; such as sickness, pain or injury to the body, it’s likely you’ll book an appointment with a medical expert to get things checked out.

However, when it comes to certain parts of the body, this isn’t so easy. Health problems can develop internally, often without producing any signs or symptoms until they’re well established. This is why having a regular well-woman examination is so important. Read More