15 Sep

3 Tips For Coping With Fall Allergies

Fall should be a pleasant time to enjoy the cooler weather, but for people who suffer from seasonal allergies, it’s just a period of misery. It doesn’t help that common over-the-counter and prescription allergy medications have nasty side effects and leave you feeling even worse than you did to begin with. If you want real relief, you need to consider giving alternative and natural remedies a try.

Essential Oils

Essential oils contain potent anti-inflammatory properties that can help the body fight off the histamines that produce your allergic reactions! Lavender essential oil has a number of properties that can relieve your allergy symptoms, and the chemical constituents of Peppermint essential oil also have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that soothe respiratory reactions.

Lemon and Roman Chamomile are two other essential oils that will increase blood circulation, clear away congestion, and relieve irritation. Roman Chamomile is even safe enough to use on infants when diluted! Blend these in your diffuser or dilute them and dab them on your skin in order to enjoy their benefits. Read More