15 Feb

The Importance of Annual Physicals

Everyone understands the necessity of going to see your doctor when you are ill, but have you considered annual physicals? Annual physicals are an important part of maintaining your overall health. These yearly checkups are so important that many health insurance companies are now offering incentives for those who complete them. Annual physicals are important for many reasons.

Addressing Concerns

You may have some concerns about your health that don’t seem important enough for a special visit to your doctor. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get those concerns addressed. An annual physical is a great time to talk to your doctor about how to lose weight, quit smoking, get healthier, or address chronic pain or headaches. Your doctor can give you referrals and resources, and occasionally medications, to help with these general health concerns.

Early Detection of Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions have few symptoms in the early stages. It may be that you are experiencing symptoms of high blood pressure, diabetes, or other medical conditions without realizing it. A part of your annual physical is routine lab workups and blood pressure checks to detect these types of medical conditions in the early stages. Many medical conditions are more easily treated and controlled when they are detected early.

Assessing Medical Risks

There are some health factors that contribute to your risk of diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, and other serious medical conditions. During your annual physical, your doctor will examine you and ask you about your lifestyle and medical history. This will allow them to accurately assess your risk for these medical conditions and provide you with advice and resources to mitigate your risk and keep you healthy.

If you haven’t had your annual physical yet this year, contact our offices to schedule an appointment. We look forward to assisting you in preventative medicine to keep you healthy for years to come.