19 May

Elderly Patients: The Advantages of Managing Your Diabetes with an Internist

diabetesIf you have diabetes, you’ll know only too well how complicated it can be to successfully manage the condition at times. It’s only through the correct blend of good diet and medication that you can control blood glucose levels and prevent any complications, such as hyperglycemia.

However, recent evidence suggests that managing glucose levels is even more complex with elderly patients. In some instances, lowering blood glucose levels to supposed ‘optimum’ levels can actually cause hyperglycemia. In certain cases, this has even hospitalized the patient concerned. Read More

05 May

Annual Check-Up: Why It Makes Sense to Have a Yearly Physical Exam

annual examDespite the value of having a yearly physical examination, many people across the US don’t tend to bother with it. This could be for a variety of reasons. Time could be limited or funds stretched; and having an annual health check-up might just feel like a bit of a luxury, rather than a necessity.

Creating the Right Care Plan

There are actually many advantages for having an annual physical exam, and furthermore, booking yourself in for a yearly check-up could end up saving you money in the long term. Read More