15 Aug

The Importance of an Alkaline Body

Does your body feel off-balance? Perhaps you are overwhelmed by fatigue or confused by your migraine headaches. You might blame age or stress for your health issues, but the truth is that most chronic conditions begin when the body is no longer alkaline.

More and more people are starting to acknowledge the role of an alkaline body in avoiding common ailments. So what exactly is alkalinity, and how can you achieve it in your body?

What Does It Mean to Be Alkaline?

Alkaline is the opposite of acidic on a pH scale. Conventional Western medicine rarely takes pH into consideration, but it plays a vital role in health. Most of us don’t realize that a chronic pH imbalance will leave our bodies weak and susceptible to disease. The foods and drinks you choose each day directly influence the amount of acid in your body. Soda, for example, is very acidic, so a heavy soda drinker will struggle to neutralize that acid in the body. Read More