20 Nov

Brush and Floss to Keep Your Heart Healthy

brushing-teeth-1It’s easy to connect obesity and unhealthy eating habits with heart health risks, but what about gum disease? As it turns out, there is a close link between a person’s oral health and heart health. Grab your toothbrush and floss, because it could save your life.

Oral Hygiene and Heart Health

Simply put, if your mouth is unhealthy, your heart might be too. Research is still in the works, but here is what we do know.  The gums inside of the mouth are vascular, which means they are full of blood vessels, and the mouth itself is filled with bacteria. When unhealthy gums become inflamed, the dangerous bacteria in the mouth can seep into the bloodstream and travel anywhere within the body, creating more inflammation as they go. This is incredibly dangerous, especially to the heart. Read More

10 Nov

Three Things to Know about Chronic Disease Management

10662668 - chronic diseasesDisease. It’s not something we like to think about, but we also can’t pretend to be completely invincible against it. If you find yourself battling any type of disease, it is absolutely critical that you find an internal medicine doctor who can help you fight, treat, and perhaps even cure your chronic disease. Living with your illness does not have to be a death sentence, and the right disease management can help you reclaim your quality of life and wellbeing. Read More