20 Aug

The Truth about Antibiotics

43656399 - prescription drugs - antibioticsAmericans have an interesting relationship with antibiotics. We rely on them to alleviate a number of conditions, but we worry about antibiotic resistance and largely criticize farmers who use antibiotics on their animals. It begs the question, are antibiotics good or bad?

What Are Antibiotics?

An antibiotic is a medication meant to slow down and destroy the growth of bacteria in the body. A great deal of bacteria in the body is good and even necessary for health, but the bacteria targeted by antibiotics is known to cause infections like meningitis, salmonella, sinusitis, and many more. The antibiotics essentially slow the bacteria down enough that the body’s natural defense mechanisms can then step in and finish the healing process. Read More

10 Aug

Tough Decisions in Miami Due to Zika

39931189 - mosquitoes swarming and dlying in the airMany months have passed since the Zika virus started triggering international health concerns, and unfortunately the situation seems to be getting worse instead of better. Florida has now officially joined the ranks of other foreign cities with internal Zika infections. Two domestic cases of Zika were just confirmed in Miami-Dade County, leading the Department of Health to implement many preventative and protective measures.

Prevention in Schools Read More