20 Oct

The Secrets of Sleep and Health

sleep-apnea-4Humans are blessed with diverse skills and abilities; while some of us can juggle and run lightning fast, others can tie words into beautiful stories or sing elegant harmonies. But there is one thing that all humans have in common: the need for sleep. Like gravity, sleep is a fundamental element to life on Earth. No human being can survive without sleep. While the entire concept of sleep still has an element of mystery to it, scientists understand sleep better than ever before, especially in relation to its impact on human health. Read More

10 Oct

Tips for Safeguarding Your Immune System this Winter

46049812 - immune system conceptSummer sunshine, and all of its vitamin D glory, tends to keep illness at bay. But as autumn and winter roll around, your immune system may need a bit more support staying strong and fighting off common seasonal illnesses. Here are a few simple ways that you can stay healthy and avoid using all of your accumulated employee sick days this winter.

Make Water Your Best Friend Read More