15 Nov

The Real Reasons You Need a Prebiotic

You probably know that taking a probiotic boosts your immune system by strengthening the good bacteria in your gut. But did you know that prebiotics are also important to your overall health?

Achieving good health isn’t just about killing the bad bacteria in your body; it’s about supporting and nurturing the billions of good bacteria that help your body function optimally. Here’s what you should know about adding a prebiotic to your daily routine, especially during the winter when illnesses are most prevalent!

What Are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are natural food components that aren’t actually digestible in the body. Instead of being digested, prebiotics promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut as they pass through. They are a special form of dietary fiber that act as fertilizer for the good bacteria in your body. Unlike other nutrients and probiotics, they can’t be harmed or threatened by heat, cold, acid, or time. This allows prebiotics to stimulate numerous health benefits, even in people who are already relatively healthy. Read More