20 Dec

Type 2 Diabetes: Stay Informed

diabetesGiven that 27 million Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes, the condition is well known by the general population, but very few people truly understand why and how diabetes impacts the body. You may have a family member or friend with diabetes, or you may even be concerned about your own blood sugar health, but without understanding the inner workings of diabetes it can be difficult to seek treatment. Read More

10 Dec

Mental Health: The Overlooked Chronic Condition

debtCancer, diabetes, and heart disease are all chronic illnesses that garner a great deal of attention from the medical community and media. After all, chronic disease impacts 50 percent of Americans. Foundations exist to battle the chronic diseases, and education is widespread for patient information.

There is one chronic condition, however, that is often overlooked or forgotten: mental health conditions, especially in our nation’s youth.

The Impact of Chronic Mental Health Conditions Read More