18 Aug

Do You Really Need a Flu Shot? Some Common Questions Answered

shotDr Kavita Rao, like many other medical professionals in the US, offers flu shots – and actively recommends that people have one. However, flu shots are often shrouded in mystery; with the most common question being ‘do you really need one?’ Here’s the answer to that question, plus a few other misunderstandings cleared up along the way!

The Most Commonly Asked Questions about Flu Shots

1) ‘Why do I need one?’ The CDC actually recommends that everybody has a flu shot, especially those in a higher risk group, such as the elderly, those with asthma, pregnant women and those with low immunity. It’s easy to label flu as a relatively non-serious illness; but if you get a bad case of influenza, it can make you very ill indeed. In severe cases, it can even hospitalize you, particularly if you’re in a high-risk group.

2) ‘I’m really healthy, why would I need one?’ Even if your immune system is fantastic, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the same can be said for those around you. If you work in a people-populated environment, such as a busy office or school, you’ll be surrounded by different germs on a regular basis. A flu jab helps to give you vital protection against one of the more unpleasant illnesses out there!

3) ‘When is the best time to get a vaccination?’ You can catch flu at any time, but the worst time of year for influenza is from late October to around April or May the following year. As a result, it’s a good idea to get yourself vaccinated before this time period.

4) ‘Won’t it make me feel ill?’ The flu vaccine is actually made of the dead flu virus, so it’s possible you may experience minor flu-like symptoms after receiving it. However, these are very short-lived and certainly nowhere near as bad as the actual virus itself!

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