10 Apr

Planning Your Healthy Pregnancy

There are certain life events that offer overwhelming excitement, though that excitement is often paired with a bit of stress and confusion: graduating from college, securing your first job, and getting married are just a few of life’s major steps that can generate a range of emotions. Pregnancy, of course, is another. You want to enjoy your pregnancy and help your baby stay as healthy as possible, but you’re also bursting with questions. This guide will help you plan for a health, stress-free pregnancy.

Make Changes Before You’re Even Pregnant

Some babies are wonderful surprises, others are planned with ease, and some only come after years and years of dedicated effort. If you are hoping to get pregnant in the near-future, there are many changes you can make now to jumpstart a healthy pregnancy. First, begin taking prenatal vitamins. The folic acid and other nutrients in those vitamins will decrease the chances of your baby having spina bifida by up to 70 percent!

Gradually adjusting your diet, exercise routine, and lifestyle in the months before you get pregnant will also help you and your baby. By the time you become pregnant, you will be eating healthier food choices, getting more exercise, and no longer leaning on bad habits like smoking and drinking. These changes will not only keep your baby healthier, but they will give you more energy, help you feel happier, and positively influence your entire pregnancy experience.

See Your Doctor

It goes without saying that you need to see your OB/GYN before and during your pregnancy, but there are specific matters to make sure you remember. First, become current on your vaccinations like Rubella and chickenpox, since those infections can cause birth defects and other problems if you get them while pregnant. In addition, talk to your doctor about your family history to determine whether you should explore the option of genetic testing and counseling.

Most of all, have fun! Plan your baby’s nursery, get together with friends who want to see your growing belly, indulge in stylish maternity clothes, and take good care of yourself. Dr. Kavita Rao, M.D., a doctor of internal medicine in St. Petersburg, Florida, specializes in OB/GYN healthcare and can help you through every step of your pregnancy. Call her office today at (727) 525-0900 to make your first appointment.