11 Jun

The Importance of Having an Annual Well Woman Examination

gynecologyWhen you’re outwardly displaying signs of illness; such as sickness, pain or injury to the body, it’s likely you’ll book an appointment with a medical expert to get things checked out.

However, when it comes to certain parts of the body, this isn’t so easy. Health problems can develop internally, often without producing any signs or symptoms until they’re well established. This is why having a regular well-woman examination is so important.

The Car Check-Up Analogy

Some people are fairly diligent about taking their car for an annual check-up at the garage, regardless of whether it’s been showing any signs of a problem or not. It’s always good to know that everything is working well and that the engine isn’t experiencing any issues.

Indeed, this approach tends to make your car last longer; as any problems are identified early, when they can be easily resolved. The human body works in much the same way. The earlier something serious is detected, the simpler it is to address the issue.

What Your Well Woman Exam Will Involve

At your well-woman check-up, your internist will probably start by asking a few questions about your general health, then doing a brief physical; checking your blood pressure, weight and temperature. You may then be given a breast and pelvic examination.

It’s important not to feel shy about this. Think of it a little like checking under the hood of your car to establish that everything is working as it should be!

Booking Your Well Woman Check-Up Today

Having a regular check-up is so important for your health, and can help identify potentially health-threatening problems before they have a chance to get serious. If you’d like to arrange for an annual examination at Dr Kavita Rao’s clinic today, simply get in touch by calling 727 525 0900.