10 Dec

Wondering Why You Need the Flu Shot?

flu-shotNow that winter has arrived in full force, you most likely hear advertisements from doctor’s offices and drug stores encouraging the flu shot. Have you already received your flu shot, or do you disregard the commercials and assume you are healthy enough without a vaccination? The truth is, the flu shot is an important component to overall public health, and by getting your flu shot you’re not just protecting yourself, but others as well.

You May Be At Risk of Complications

Though the flu is a common illness that most people can recover from in under a week, there are just as many people that are at high risk of complications from the flu. You could be one of them without knowing it. If you have asthma, a blood disorder, COPD, heart disease, a kidney disorder, a liver disorder, a metabolic disorder, any neurological condition, an endocrine disorder,  a weakened immune system due to medications, or you are over the age of 65, you are automatically at risk of suffering dangerous and more painful complications if you contract the flu. It only takes one quick, simple shot to give yourself a better chance of staying healthy this winter.

You Can Protect the Vulnerable

Even if you are not personally at higher risk of flu complications, somebody close to you might be. The flu is so contagious that you have the ability to infect people even before you feel the symptoms yourself, and up to a week after being infected. By getting the flu shot, you minimize the chances that you will accidentally expose vulnerable people to the flu. This includes children under the age of five, especially children under the age of 2, and pregnant women.

The Flu Shot Won’t Make You Sick!

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding the flu shot is that it will make you sick. This is nothing but a myth. The flu shot is created from an inactivated virus that has no ability to transmit infection. Since no vaccine can guarantee 100 percent efficiency, it is possible that after the flu shot you might still come down with the flu, but the vaccination will still help your immune system fight the infection and reduce the impact of infection on your body.

Given all of this, there is really no reason not to head out and get your flu shot to prepare for the winter.