28 Jul

Caring for Someone with Dementia? An Internist May be Able to Help

dementia1Caring for someone with dementia is an enormous responsibility, particularly as the condition progresses. Dementia causes gradual cognitive decline, which means that the sufferer may slowly start to struggle with even basic everyday tasks. If the condition isn’t managed successfully, it can be hugely difficult for the carer, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Coping as a Carer with the Help of an Internist

If the person suffering from dementia is a parent or grandparent, it’s only natural that you want them to receive the best possible care. Whether you’re taking a lot of the responsibility on yourself or hiring a carer to help, it’s really important to get the right medical expertise to support you.

An internist offers a very different approach to a general practitioner. They’ll work with you to not only help your parent or grandparent enjoy a better quality of life in terms of health, but they’ll also have practical suggestions as to how they can gain further benefits from exercise, nutrition and mental stimulation.

They’re also happy to go into a nursing home to treat the patient, if required.

Safe, Comforting Presence

Dementia sufferers can often become anxious when in the presence of someone they don’t feel familiar or comfortable with. An Internist will make sure that they become a well-established aspect of the patient’s life. They’ll be a familiar face which the patient will grow to trust and rely upon. It’s always important to remember that emotional wellbeing is just as important as physical health.

Internist for Dementia Sufferers – Talk to Dr Kavita Rao

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