09 Jul

So You Have High Blood Pressure – What Now?

heart healthHigh blood pressure, or hypertension to give it the proper medical term, is a serious condition, which can prove life-threatening if not handled correctly. This is particularly the case if your blood pressure is 160 / 100mmHg or above.

However, with the help of your internist, it’s perfectly possible to lead a healthy life and to devise a plan of action to help reduce your high blood pressure as soon as possible.

Managing High Blood Pressure – An Internist’s Recommendation

When you see your internist, they won’t just be looking at treating your condition with medication. They’ll want to explore the bigger picture, looking at ways in which your blood pressure can be lowered safely, quickly and effectively.

Here’s a few of the things that they may recommend you try:

1) Reducing salt. Salt is a known contributing factor when it comes to high blood pressure. Your internist will work with you to examine your diet and look at ways in which you can limit your salt intake to the recommended daily amount.

2) Losing weight. If you’re recognized as clinically obese, this means that you’re putting additional strain on your heart. Identifying ways in which you can shed the excess pounds will also make a big difference with your blood pressure.

3) Exercise. Physical activity is excellent for boosting circulation, improving cardiovascular health and staying healthy. If you’ve not exercised for a while, don’t worry. Your internist will have suggestions as to how you can build up your levels of fitness safely, at a pace that suits you.

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