15 Dec

Get Healthy in 2019 With the Elimination Diet

Are you one of the millions of Americans dealing with a chronic condition like migraines, joint pain, or ongoing fatigue? Most of us have at least one condition holding us back from enjoying an optimal quality of life, but we rarely identify the true cause of our chronic issues.

The truth is, your eczema or chronic inflammation isn’t just the result of stress or bad luck. Your eating habits could be causing and dictating their health concerns. If you find yourself experiencing any ongoing health issues, but don’t know their root cause, the elimination diet is for you.

An Introduction to the Elimination Diet

The elimination diet is designed to reveal and identify food intolerances and sensitivities that could be causing problematic symptoms like migraines, fatigue, inflammation, weight gain, and more. Food intolerances have become dramatically more prevalent over the last decade due to the growing contamination of foods and beverages with artificial ingredients, GMOs, and other dangerous components.

Use the Elimination Diet to Improve Your Health

The elimination diet method is simple. You begin by working with a nutrition expert to evaluate the foods that could potentially be causing your symptoms. Next, you begin the process of removing those foods entirely from your diet for a period of three to four weeks.

After a month has passed, you and your medical professional evaluate whether or not your symptoms have decreased. If they have, then one or more of the foods you eliminated were responsible for your problems. You then begin the process of slowly reintroducing each food back into your diet.

By gradually adding each food back into your diet, you can record how you feel and quickly determine which foods were the causes of your health problems. This is an excellent way to understand and resolve chronic health problems without relying upon medication or surgery. It’s possible that artificial sweeteners, synthetic food colorings, or other hidden ingredients could be the cause of your misery.

To learn more about the elimination diet and other ways to finally escape the cloud of chronic illness, reach out to Dr. Kavita Rao in St. Petersburg, Fl. As an internist, Dr. Rao takes your entire body, background, and lifestyle into consideration to help you achieve optimal health. Call (727) 525-0900 to make an appointment and start 2019 as your best year yet.